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Ellabell Dental Office Shares the Importance of Routine Dental Visits to Whole Tooth Dentistry

It’s no secret that you’ve been told to visit the dentist twice a year. It’s part of adulthood to take care and maintain a healthy and long-lasting body and that includes your smile. But when you look in the mirror and don’t see anything wrong with your teeth, or you’re not experiencing any pain, you may wonder why you should keep up these routine visits in the first place. With the help of Dr. Barkley, proudly serving as your Ellabell dental professional, we’re here to tell you why!


More than Meets the Eye

When you visit Whole Tooth Dentistry for a routine check-up, we’re doing much more than cleaning your teeth. While your teeth may look perfectly fine on the outside, there are layers to your smile – literally! What’s below the surface is just as important, if not more, than what’s visible to the naked eye. That’s where we come in.


During your appointment, our team will perform x-rays to see what’s below the surface of your gums to view the root of your tooth and the surrounding nerves. You may not notice a dental problem right away because you can’t see it or feel it, but with the help of x-rays, we may be able to identify issues early and therefore begin addressing it early. This eliminates the possibility of a particular helpful treatment not being feasible since the dental issue is far past the point of correction. By treating a dental problem early, your smile is far more likely to shine brighter and stay around longer.


Important and Necessary Screenings

Your x-rays are not only for finding out if there are just problems with your teeth. During these visits, we’ll be screening for any signs of mouth cancer, as well as head and neck cancer. We’ll be checking for any lumps in the mouth, head, and neck areas. We will also look for any red or white patches in your mouth and on your gums that may be a symptom or sign of a type of mouth cancer. By maintaining these routine visits, we’ll keep an eye on your overall oral health and if we come across any signs, we’ll start treatment and prevention right away.


Consultations for Services You’ve Been Interested In

What better time to talk about the dental treatments you’ve been thinking about than now? By having Dr. Barkley here with you, you’re giving the individual time to ask any questions or concerns you’ve been storing to learn more about a particular procedure. Wondering how teeth whitening will improve your smile? Have you been thinking about replacing any missing teeth? Is it time for the smile makeover you’ve been dreaming of? These questions and more will be answered during your visit with the help of Dr. Barkley!


Your smile deserves the best and we’re here to give you the best. At Whole Tooth Dentistry, we’re proud to serve as your Pooler, Springfield, Chatham, Bloomingdale, and Ellabell dental office and transform your oral health for the better. Call Dr. Barkley today at (912) 988-7723 to schedule your next routine visit – your smile will thank you.

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